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Surfactant Variety Pack

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*New and Improved Softwashing Surfactant Formula*

We now offer a Southeast Softwash Surfactant variety pack that has one gallon of each of our surfactants

  • Southern Drawl
  • Southern Slang
  • Southern Twang
  • Southern Swag

This product is a bleach additive to aid in the cleaning process. Used for all softwash applications including roof cleaning, house washing, concrete treatment and more…

This is a concentrate that mixes at a 15 gallon of water to 1 gallon jug ratio.

This House Washing and Roof Cleaning Solution formula can also be used very effectively as a pressure washing surfactant as well.

This item comes in a case of 4.

*Allow one week for shipping.*

Click here for the Southern Slang SDS and Southern Drawl SDS

Refund policy: If you need to cancel an order, will issue you a refund minus a 20% restocking fee. 



Additional information

Weight 592 oz
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

37 reviews for Surfactant Variety Pack

  1. admin

    Excellent surfactant. Knowing Coty I would expect nothing less. Masks SH smell very well, (my clients love that) and sticks to the roof like nothing else I’ve used.

  2. Keith Wilson

    This stuff is amazing. It’s super thick!! It smells amazing and it sticks to roofs really good even at low ratios! Best surfactant on the market. 

  3. Kyle Pigman

    It’s the only surfactant that I buy.  Love the cherry smell and so do my customers.  Great product.  

  4. Brett Walker

    Used it on a few things around the house to test equipment and get a feel for everything. Foamed really good and really stopped having that strong bleach smell. Will definitely be using this product from now on.

  5. Lucas Thomas (verified owner)

    To each his own, but I love the lemon scent of the Southern Drawl, and so have my customers. It has performed well for a variety of tasks and masks the smell of SH for most applications.

  6. Jesse Hamilton

    I bought a couple cases of the variety pack and it smells good, and it really helps getting the SH to stick to the roof. I have the entire chemical line up from here and these guys have nailed it, super impressed! 

  7. Jon Carrizal (verified owner)

    This stuff and ALL of the SESW line is amazing !!! It’s the BEST thing out there and it smells amazing and it leaves clients with that clean smell of satisfaction guaranteed. It works extremely well even in this Central Texas HEAT ! Keep it up fellas !!! Coty and the Crew just keep gettin better with each product !!!

  8. Clayton Thompson (verified owner)

    Seems to work very well.  Definitely aids in slowing down the SH coming down a roof.    Have not tried the cherry flavor yet.   The lemon flavor definitely helps to mask the SH odor.    Will definitely be buying more.  

  9. Mackenzie Mendez (verified owner)

    Simply the best surfactant on the market. If you are serious about this industry then this is the only choice. 

  10. Tyler

    Had my first job today and everything couldn’t have gone better! Customer loved the southern drawl as much as I did! I will absolutely continue using y’all’s surfactants! 

  11. homebritesoftwashsolutions (verified owner)

    Very nice product

  12. Dustin

    I bought 1 gallon of the southern slang to test it out and am very happy with how it performed. I really like the bright color it produces which highlights your coverage and it does an excellent job of covering the SH smell. If you’re interested in trying this product, I’d recommend going ahead and purchasing it by the case.  

  13. Nick

    Both the cherry and the lemon tested performed very well. They both are a sweet candy lollipop smell when running through my proportioner on my 24v pump system. Downstreaming it with SH at 1%, the scents could be a little stronger mixing it by the label. Overall makes decent foam for roofs, just takes abit more than usual. Appreciate the business!

  14. Nick (verified owner)

    These surfactants are amazing. They keep the surface wet and the mix sticks very well because of it. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a great product. 

  15. Levi

    Hands down the best surfactant I have used . Beautiful smell . And plenty of suds , stuck on great highly recommend! 

  16. Josh (verified owner)

    The Surfactant Variety Pack was a clear choice for me to test out which one I liked best. I purchased the surfactant for roof cleaning & soft washing residential & commercial buildings. Not only are you buying a great product that will exceed your expectations, you’re buying from a trustworthy company who stands behind their product. 

  17. Melissa rieger

    Y’all! This stuff works great!! Our first time trying it for a roof wash- customer and I were both very pleased! Will definitely be purchasing more! 

  18. Sean Gronning

    Used up all of the Southern Drawl I ordered and getting more immediately. Performs above expectations on my roof applications. Nothing negative to say. Highly recommend.

  19. Kyle

    Best surfactant on the market hands down!! I’ve been in business for about 18 months & tried others that left windows streaky, filmy & such!! By the way……Iv got the mini skid pro that has made me close to $100k in a years time as a part time washer!! 

  20. Francisco

    Southern drawl is the best product I ever use I will highly recommend smells good you cannot go wrong with this product professionals cleaning ?????

  21. Blake arabie (verified owner)

    Love the products southeast soft wash puts out smells amazing. 

  22. gregorybooher1 (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. They are thick and rich enough to provide the adhesion needed and rinse very easily. Enjoy both the cherry and the lemon, but I think lemon is my favorite. Great Product!!! Highly Recommend.

  23. npseasonalsolutions

    This is the buffet of surfactants. Best surfactant in the industry. The variety is fantastic and gives you the freedom to switch up the flavor whenever you’re feeling it.

  24. Mike (verified owner)

    Purchased the variety pack to put them to the test. I use the southern drawl all the time, and it is awesome. I wanted to add some different colors and different smells to my chem lineup and this pack is outstanding. They are all super sticky, and can be used on roofs or house washing. Highly recommend these products. Some really really good chems coming out of Southeast Softwash! 

  25. timslawncare0072 (verified owner)

    Best surfactant I’ve used.

  26. tyler (verified owner)

    This is the best surfactant on the market. All of them.  Not only do they work great as surfactant, they also smell great. This is very beneficial because it masks the smell of the bleach, so it’s very handy to have on those jobs when the customer doesn’t like that we use bleach. The colors also help give you a visual confirmation that your mix is sticking on the surface and you’re able to see what spots have already been hit, preventing overuse of chem. This is the only surfactant I will use. 

  27. (verified owner)

    Really enjoy these surfactants. The smell is nice. Can’t smell the SH and like that they are colored so you can see the coverage. 

  28. garrett lee (verified owner)

    We have tried a few different surfactants but this product right here is the best shit known to man. Don’t hesitate to load up on these surfactants you will not be let down. Great for windows as well!!!

  29. joe.marshall86 (verified owner)

    Smells amazing and sticks to surfaces just right. Can’t go wrong with Southern Drawl for that lemon scent or Southern Swag reminiscent of fresh laundry! All good stuff from SESW, no surprise there.

  30. bluewaterpowerwash1 (verified owner)

    I am truly amazed at the power of this surfactant I would have never wasted so much money on other chems knowing what I know now. SESW has a customer for life!     🌊

  31. zprice2709 (verified owner)

    These surfactants are great, really. Nothing else beats it in coverage, smell, and rinsing free on windows. I personally love the Twang, but customers love them all. If you haven’t given SESW products a try, you’re actually missing out. One bottle of anything is so concentrated to last quite a few jobs, and do it right the first time, especially this surfactant. Give it a try and save your money!

  32. kjpaintingandservices (verified owner)

    Recently purchased a variety pack of surfactant. We used Southern Slang on a roof this past weekend and boy it put the breaks on the SH! Love this stuff! Smells awesome too, it’s a win win for us and the customers! Thanks SESW for all the breakthrough products you are putting on the market. We have had our Gen 2 skid since February and it will be paid for this month!! I’m speechless on how it has performed when teamed with your products! 
    Thanks !
    KJ Painting and Power Washing

  33. Jamie Johnson (verified owner)

    Awesome product, a little goes a long way so very cost effective and streak free windows too!!!!

  34. rwilkie413 (verified owner)

    Used the Southern Drawl today for the first time and I gotta say I love this product! I used it downstreaming with an 8GPM machine and it worked FANTASTIC and really helped with the smell of SH. My only suggestion is if you don’t want to spend a bunch of time rinsing, go a little lighter than their recommended amount per gallon of SH. It does lay on pretty thick with their recommended amount. Other than that, I will NEVER use another surfactant!

  35. donnie17499 (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best surfactant out there couldn’t be happier with it. I’m on 5th gallon now and just received a order for 8 more won’t be going anywhere else

  36. Keith Smith (verified owner)

    There is the best which this has proven to be so far. And then there is the rest. Did a Pepsi challenge and bought this brand, and a competitor who I won’t name. And did them side by side. Suds- 10 clings to surface- 10 smelled pleasant to cover up sh-10. I used half as much in the mix than the other stuff. Which is good for me but bad for Coty. But I think that’s what they had in mind. My customers are happy. And it’s true the ladies enjoyed the citrus smell over the others. Long winded, but in life we get what we pay for. This was higher in price than what was on the shelf and another pro vendor. And before using this, I said well it’s all just soap. I wish I had a store front to sell the stuff. But it gets my jobs completed faster. Didn’t harm grass. Still mixing old school. And it works. I hope the next scent that comes out is bubble gum. And it should be called Boujie Soap. When you want it extra clean. Do yourself a favor and try this. Or hire me and I’ll use it cause it has been that good.

  37. Paul Harris (verified owner)

    This Variety pack is one of the best in the business, lasts along time and is at a reasonable price point, plus you get to try out all 4 different ones to see what you like best, great job by Coty and the gang. 

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