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Smart Stream – Remote Downstream Injector Box

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“Smart Stream” – a Southeast Softwash Downstream Injector Remote Box

Tired of walking back and forth to the truck to activate or shutoff your downstream injector? The “Smart Stream” remote downstream injector box has you covered!

Simply connect the Smart Stream to your downstream injector (and your water and bleach tank) + 12v power with the included ring terminals and you’re good to go.

  • 1.5 MILE REMOTE RANGE: Operate your Smart Stream downstream injector box through the thickest concrete apartment complexes, parking garages, and residential areas
  • AUDIBLE REMOTE FEEDBACK: Get transmission confirmation with the mounted light & audibly on the remote when your downstream injector valve has flipped from chemical to flush
  • INTERNAL ANTENNA: Never break an antenna with your soft wash hose, pressure washing hose, or ladder again
  • WEATHER SEALED UNIT: Mount on open pressure washing trailer, flatbed pressure washing truck, pressure washer skid, enclosed trailer, and never worry about the elements pentrating the unit
  • ALL STAINLESS INTERNALS: Operate with corrosive pressure washing and soft wash chemicals such a bleach, caustic degreasers, acids, and never worry about performance. Just make sure to use the continuous flush button to rinse your downstream injector after you’re finished
  • CONTINUOUS FLUSH: In the off position, your Smart Stream will flush your downstream injector system, cleansing it of any chemicals. This will prolong the function of your downstream injector


How To Set Up A Smart Stream Remote Downstream Injector Box – *watch the video below*


Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 6 in


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