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Mini Pro Max Softwash/Pressure Washer Skid

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Soft Wash Skid + Pressure Washing Skid = Mini-Pro Max!

The Mini-pro MAX pressure washing skid is the ultimate in performance on the small footprint of the mini soft wash skid series.

Now you have the ability to pressure clean flat work efficiently and treat with your soft wash chemicals at any ratio the job demands.

A blend-able soft wash system with

  • 50 gallons of SH capacity
  • 50 gallons of water (refillable on job site)
  • 16 gallon surfactant tank allows the user to do multiple jobs per day without needing to refill.

The powerful *Kraken* 5.5gpm pressure washer, which is now tank fed can tackle the bigger jobs with ease.

Available for local pickup or shipping with a flat rate or $1500.

2 reviews for Mini Pro Max Softwash/Pressure Washer Skid

  1. Jesse Hamilton

    This is my first “real” set up. I’m impressed to say the least. It does everything I need it to. I spray roofs, houses, flat work and more and it holds way more than enough water, SH and Surfactant to usually get me through a day. I put it on a small trailer and it’s an easy set up to get around to my jobs, and when I’m done it fits easily into my garage. When I expand, I might add a second unit like this to my fleet! 

  2. Johan Carvajal

    This is my 6month review! This setup has done it all for me. It’s so good, I wish I had 2. That being said, I’m going to be upgrading to the full trailer. It’s definitely paid for itself and more. 

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