Our story begins in 1987 with my dad Lane Yarbrough. Working in the Atlanta area for several of the major roofing companies, Dad began studying on why the asphalt shingles they built in the factory would start showing the ugly black streaks after a few years.

Dad began experimenting with how to clean the roofs and the first successful roof cleaning was our own house in 1988. Fortunately for Dad, the factory had an on site chemist who was also working on this problem and gave Dad a few suggestions on the proper chemicals to start trying. Since that day, we’ve completed thousands of wash jobs and refined our processes to perfection.

In the old days, we didn’t call in softwashing, we simply called it “low pressure cleaning”. While the terminology has changed and the equipment has evolved, the benefits have remained. As professional exterior cleaners, we service our clients and restore their properties safely and effectively. This allows us to run a very satisfying and profitable washing company.

In 2018, the Southeast Softwash leadership team launched our equipment manufacturing division, and since then we’ve grown to be the largest turn-key equipment provider in the world.

Southeast Softwash has a rich heritage in the exterior cleaning industry and we are excited to be leading the industry into the future.