How to Clean Tiger Stripes on Guttering: For Professionals 

Are the tiger stripes on your customer’s guttering driving you crazy? You’re not alone! Cleaning these deep, stubborn stains from gutters can be a real challenge for homeowners and professional gutter cleaners in the Alabama area and beyond! 

But don’t give up just yet, there are several ways to tackle this common problem when washing gutters. 

In this helpful blog post, our experts in exterior cleaning here at Southeast Softwash will explain what causes tiger stripes on guttering and how you can remove them simply and effectively. 

No matter how large or small the job is, there are ways to make sure guttering will not only look its best but also remain structurally sound after it has been cleaned.

So read on to find out how to keep them in good shape and how to keep your customers coming back for more! 

First, we will get the mini takeaway before we head into details. 

Finding the right gutter cleaning solution is key to effectively removing water damage and restoring gutters. Gutter Guard is a chemical from Southeast Softwash designed specifically to tackle tiger stripes on gutters. Adding Gutter Guard to services is profitable as it adds value for customers and can generate an extra $200+ per job.

So with the short answer in place, let’s start by finding out how gutter stripes appear so you can understand more easily how to deal with them. 

How do gutter ‘tiger’ stripes appear? 

When it comes to house washing and dealing with gutters, you might be familiar with organic growth that needs attention. 

To take care of this, we use a surfactant solution – but sometimes the rain can leave behind a product known as ‘tiger stripes.’ 

This is often seen on steeply pitched metal roofs where rainfall quickly jumps over the face of the gutter creating build-up over time.

These unsightly streaks appear when water droplets mix with dust, grime, and other organic materials which cling to the surfaces of gutters.

The vertical or ‘tiger’ stripes are actually caused by a combination of dirt and rainfall swirling around in gutters over time. 

As rainwater flows through the gutters, it picks up dirt and dust, which then sticks to the sides of the gutters. 

So rather than a surfactant gutter cleaning spray or solution, you will need a different type of gutter cleaning chemical to tackle the water damage and effectively remove it. 

Why use our gutter cleaning solution? 

With over 5 million residents in Alabama alone according to government statistics,  it’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs are considering a career in professional exterior cleaning. 

Having top quality parts and supplies including the most innovative chemical solutions and cleaning equipment can help set your business apart from your competitors! 

Our journey began in 1987 with my dad, Lane Yarbrough. 

He worked in the Atlanta area for several major roofing companies but noticed the asphalt shingles they built would start showing ugly black streaks just a few years later.

Dad took matters into his own hands and started experimenting to find a solution. In 1988, he cleaned the roof of our own house with great success.

Thankfully, the factory had an on-site chemist who was working on the same issue and gave Dad suggestions for chemicals to try.

Since that day, we’ve completed thousands of wash jobs and honed our processes to perfection. 

Introducing Gutter Guard 

So as part of our eight chemical solutions, we’ve got something special we’d like to share with you – Gutter Guard! 

This amazing product is designed to tackle those unsightly vertical tiger stripes on gutter faces. 

If you’re a part-time or even a full-time professional gutter cleaner in the industry, we’re sure you know what we’re talking about! 

Say goodbye to those unsightly lines and hello to a cleaner, sharper look. 

So we proudly present Gutter Guard – the new star of our chemical lineup!

Increase profits every time! 

We highly recommend offering this service to your clientele! It will add a major “wow” factor and ensure their gutters look amazing after a basic house wash.

You might think about adding it to your gold package or as an a la carte option if that’s how your price list works. 

It’s a really profitable service, with national average pricing of $1-1.50 per linear foot. 

You can easily figure out the number of linear feet around a house and make a couple of hundred extra dollars per job! 

How to use Gutter Guard 

First things first, we’re going to walk you through some important steps to follow to avoid any unwanted repainting. 

But don’t worry, we have a solution to help you avoid messing up the gutters and ensure you get the best results possible.

Wet the gutter

To start off, it’s pretty basic. We need to wet the gutter, so make sure you’ve got enough water and a 12-volt pressure wash system set to just water.

You can always use your truck and skip using the customer’s water too. 

Once you’re all set up, we’re going to pre-wet those sections and get ready to give those gutters a good cleaning!

Work on small manageable sections

Instead of tackling the entire gutter at once, work in small sections of 20-30 feet at a time. 

This will ensure manageable progress and help prevent mistakes, such as accidentally etching the paint.

Chemical Tips

When using Gutter Guard or any exterior gutter cleaner, be sure to keep an eye on its effects and dilute it as needed.

While we’re using it at full strength for severe cases, a 50/50 mix is often suitable.

However, it’s worth noting that this may not work as well in colder temperatures. If it’s below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, consider waiting until midday when it’s warmer.

Apply Gutter Guard 

To apply Gutter Guard or any type of gutter cleaning chemical, use a pump-up sprayer or spray bottle to avoid running it through the softwash system.

Brick surfaces tend to be more forgiving, so you can be a little more flexible in your approach.

If your gutters are made of hardy plank, avoid spraying them directly with cleaning solutions to prevent overspray on the siding. 

Instead, try spraying the brush with the solution and using it to clean the gutters. 



Using gutter stain removers on brick 

For brick gutters, a soft-bristled brush with extendability is key. 

This will allow you to reach up high and fully contact the gutter without damaging the brick. 

There are brushes specifically made for this task, such as the “Marks Off Brush,” which fits the face of the gutter perfectly. 

You can find these brushes at your local hardware store, and many, such as Home Depot, have options with longer handles for added convenience.

To see Gutter Guard in action, head over to our YouTube channel. 

How to Clean Tigerstripes on Gutters: For Professionals – The Wrap 

With over 30 years in the industry and over 1,000 softwash systems all over the world, we are your industry leader in all things exterior washing!

So for all you professional gutter cleaners out there, don’t forget to head over to our store to discover more about our chemicals, equipment, parts, and supplies along with crucial financing to help build your business and make sure your customers are coming back for more!