How to Improve the Hiring Process for Your Cleaning Business

How to Improve the Hiring Process for Your Cleaning Business


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Considering the events of recent years, it’s no wonder why cleanliness and hygiene have only grown in importance. Cleaning services are needed now more than ever, and the numbers show that. The global market for cleanindg services is expected to garner $74,299 million in 2022. With increasing demand, your cleaning business needs to hire the right people to get the job done and get it done well. Because the industry relies heavily on human workers rather than machines, improving your hiring process is one of the best ways to attract quality candidates. Here are a few ways you can refine your recruitment:


Find a skilled HR manager

Despite new technologies, cleaning businesses mainly rely on manpower and efficient staffing. As such, hiring a human resources manager is essential if you want a qualified and competent overseer for current and future employees alike. These professionals are in charge of all things related to workers and are vital in recruiting the right people. They are also an indispensable link between the higher-ups and the staff doing the everyday work.

Their hiring expertise is crucial, as a cleaning business can be very demanding in terms of labor; the more competent staff in your business, the more work can get done effectively. Do try to find an HR manager with some experience. If they have spent time in other cleaning businesses or manual labor-related industries, that can also be an advantage. 


Make use of the Internet

Gone were the days when paper flyers, banners, and billboards ruled the recruitment scene. If you want to tap into a larger talent pool, your website and social media accounts will play a significant role in attracting potential employees. Many job seekers are using social media to find jobs by showing off their capabilities and experience through posts, using job-seeking platforms, and checking a company’s accounts. Try to stay active on your social media so people can easily get a feel of the brand.

Your website is also vital in captivating candidates, so keeping it visually attractive and easy to navigate is critical to capturing someone’s attention. It’s a great way to tell people about who you are as a business and the kinds of cleaning personnel you’re looking for, and job seekers can see if they’re a good fit before applying. Pay attention to your website’s load times as well because if it takes too long for people to access your links or photos, they might click off immediately.


Be thorough with your job postings

People looking to join a cleaning business will be going through many potential companies and sifting through many job postings, so yours must stand out. Don’t be too vague or specific, as the two extremes will drive candidates away. Find a balance between providing essential information and making the job sound interesting.

One tip for writing job postings is to list the must-have, pertinent skills that are required for the job. This can help candidates zero in on the major needs of the role, which is ideal for hiring someone who can physically and mentally handle an arduous cleaning task.

Being transparent about the benefits and salaries can also be an excellent way to hook a job seeker’s attention and will be a significant factor in considering applying to your company.

A cleaning business can be tough to handle and manage, which is why you need the right strategies to make it profitable. A big part of keeping it going is who you have working for and with you, so making your hiring process as clean and smooth as the services you offer is essential for your company’s growth.


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