How To Start A Pressure Washing Business 101 Book

If you’re wanting to start a six figure pressure washing business, it’s no doubt going to be a-lot of work.

It took me 3 years to really get established and for the business to run with the cleaning and sales to marketing.

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Is Power Washing A Good Business?

Is any business a good business?

The answer lies in weather or not you implement the right strategies to make it a good (profitable) business.

Just being honest, the first year in your pressure washing business is going to be very hard.

You’re going to be learning a-lot of new skills from selling, to cleaning, to maintenance. It can become overwhelming if you don’t have a good support group around you.

You must also be a self starter, and be willing to walk into the dark and troubleshoot problems real time on the jobsite.

So yes, pressure washing is a good business, but it’s not without its learning curves and challenges.

Whats In The Book?

Within the How To Start A Pressure Washing Business book, I answer 102 questions about How To Start A Pressure Washing Business successfully.

These are questions that have been asked on my youtube channel, and one thing I noticed is that some of the same questions come up all the time.

Almost on repeat….

So I compiled those questions with answers into this book so as to give the young guys getting in the industry something they could hold in their hand and refer back to. Im positive I answer a question that you have living in the back of your mind in this book. The questions are not in any certain order in this book, but they are directly from you guys and you’ll see your youtube handle listed out to the side of your question on each page.

Grab a copy now. 

Pressure Washing Courses

The Core 4, Justin Rogers, Coty Yarbrough, Mike Vidan and Aaron Parker have many pressure washing business courses available. Click this link to see the features.

If you want to learn how to build a softwash system, and have Coty walk you through the steps, check out this link here


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