A Happy Southern Drawl Customer


We wanted to share what a happy customer has to say about Southern Drawl..

“I’ve tried several different Surfactants over the past years from some of the major pressure washing chemical producers. I must say that I am beyond impressed with Southern Drawl.

It is amazing on roofs to minimize run off, it applies and rinses awesome when used as a house wash, it totally masks the smell of SH, and not to mention how little needs to be used during application so, it’s a huge cost savings!

My set for roofs is: 12v 7gpm 100psi pump with a 3 port (home made) metering set up. I sometimes will lower the SH ratio on this and apply chemical via house wash with it.

I also have a 2 port down stream injector. I mix the Southern Drawl in one container and then put a bucket of SH next to it. Drop one line in each bucket and go to work. I recently tried Southern Slang too. I like the scent cover and I can see where I’ve applied it Although, to me it isn’t as great for a roof, to much run off, and the product recommendation seems more geared to house wash surfactant vs roof surfactant it too rinsed and dried spot free! My business partner runs his own operation in another state and I brought him a gallon of Southern Drawl to try as well since I was going to see him the day my first order arrived (before I even tried it). We just had a phone meeting. He has had his business longer than I have and he said it’s going to be his “go to” also. Truly an amazing product!”

Jacob K. with Thin Red Line Pressure Washing, LLC