3 Softwashing Chemicals You Need To Keep On The Truck

Southeast Soft Wash is known for the custom-built rigs, skids, and chemicals for soft washing residential and commercial properties. Southeast Soft Wash, along with being a well-known company helping pressure washers around the country, is a company whose quality is superior and miles above the rest. This is shown through all facets of their products that they provide to improve a pressure washers quality of work and improve their revenue and income rate. With their one stop shop for all ranges of pressure washers, from just beginning to veteran washers, Southeast Soft Wash is the only place that a washer needs to go. If you are curious about Southeast Soft Wash and what they are all about, what they provide, how their quality is better than five stars, and how they will improve and skyrocket your business… Spend some time reading this post to improve your business from the inside out with Southeast Soft Wash.


Southeast Soft Wash’s chemical lineup is the best in the business of pressure washing. This chemical line up ranges from Southern Slang to Dynamite Degreaser. These chemicals, that are proprietary to Southeast Soft Wash, have helped thousands of pressure washers from newbie to veteran since 1987.

Southern Drawl or Southern Slang – Citrus/ Cherry Surfactant

Southern Drawl and Southern Slang are Southeast Soft Wash’s legendary surfactants that are widely known and used in the pressure washing industry. These surfactants are going to improve your house washing, roof washing, or any other exterior cleaning job. This is achieved by helping the chemicals, mixed with Southern Drawl or Southern Slang, stick to the surface and allowing the chemical to do its job better. Along with improving the cleaning process of your chemical, Southern Drawl and Southern Slang also masks the harsh scents of chemicals with a citrus scent lor cherry scent leaving your customer pleased with the service you provided.


Plant Protect- Bleach Neutralizer

One of the scariest things for a washer is getting a call back. What is even scary than that? Getting a call from the customer saying you killed all their plants! This can cost your business hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Southeast Soft Wash has found a way to eliminate this worry while saving you and your businesses hard earn money. Plant Protect neutralizes the bleach that you used to wash the residential or commercial property, so you do not accidentally kill the wrong living organic matter. This is an essential on anyone’s rig, especially if they property is filled with expensive plants. Plant Protect will also neutralize any bleach on your equipment and improving the lifespan of your expensive equipment.

Dynamite Degreaser

This degreaser is an explosion of a product offered by Southeast Soft Wash. Dynamite Degreaser will dive deep into concrete, limestone, brick, etc. This degreaser will also remove oxidation. Dynamite Degreaser is a product that you can use to achieve those high-ticket jobs with ease. Oil stains, as we all know in the pressure washing community, is one of the hardest services to provided, well Dynamite Degreaser is a killer on oil stains and will help you help your customer and increase your profits.

Gutter Guard

Gutters are one of the most profitable service areas for a pressure washer. Gutter Guard is used for the Gutter Brightening Service and is super-efficient and effect on gutters. Attention to detail is what Gutter Guard is all about and it can make it easy to wow your customer and have them calling you back next year or recommend you to their friends and family. Gutter Guard is a power concentrate that will remove the soil, dirt, and grime from the gutter with just applying it to the gutters and adding a light agitation with a soft brush.



Mud May-Day – Stain Remover

Tire marks, red mud, and rust stains are a thing of the past now because of Southeast Soft Wash. Mud May-Day is an absolute unit against anything on concrete or brick and will have the surface looking like it was just laid, poured yesterday. We all know that customers hate the look of tire marks, are bothered by red clay stains, and even more disgusted by rust stains. What the customers do not know, but we do in the pressure washing community, is that removing those stains is one of the harder tasks to accomplish and accomplish to our high standards. Mud May-Day will cut the effort it takes to remove those stains in half and increase your service tenfold.




Southeast Soft wash is the leader in the pressure washing community with their equipment builds. If you are looking anywhere else than Southeast Soft Wash for your trailer build or skid you are wrong. Southeast Soft Wash’s industry leading builds have everything you will need to complete any job in residential or commercial with ease and will never leave you feeling like you need something else. The peace of mind alone is worth the investment to your business, let alone how much profit you can make from one of their builds.

Mini Softwash Skid

The Mini Softwash Skid may be compact, but it packs a serious punch. This mini skid build is made specifically for your soft wash needs. With the skid being all aluminum, you will not have to worry about that scary corrosion. Also, because this mini skid is so compact it is perfect for a mid-size pickup. This skid is equipped with a fifty-gallon chemical tank, fifty-gallon water tank, and even a sixteen-gallon surfactant tank. It also comes with a 5.5gpm 12V pump and two hundred softwash hose. If you are a beginner in the industry or doing demonstrations for future customers, the Mini Softwash Skid is perfect for you.

Southeast Softwash Trailer Build

The Southeast Softwash Trailer Build is the top-of-the-line trailer build that will have you speechless and have your customers known you mean business and are the company to go with. This softwash trailer will take care of you and any job you do. Built on a 6X12 ft Tandem axle heavy duty trailer with brakes with a custom ladder rack welded, custom hose reel shelf welded, custom tank retention slots welded, and custom rack for surface cleaner this Southeast Softwash Trailer Build is built to last. The Southeast Softwash trailer is built with a pressure washing and softwashing system. The pressure washing system includes only the best equipment.

This equipment includes a commercial grade 5.5 GPM pressure washer, 200 ft 3/8 in pressure wash hose, high pressure ball valve, 20 in Whirl-Away surface cleaner, a standard pressure wash wand. If that was not enough for you, the soft-washing system is just as excellent.

The soft-washing system includes two independent soft wash systems pulling from 100-gallon SH tank, 200 water tank, and a 30-gallon soap tank. This impeccable system includes a custom blend manifold on each pump, all stainless/ aluminum reel deal hose reels, 200 ft soft wash hose on each system, 5.5GPM 12v pumps, custom softwash wands and 20-amp dual battery charger.

The Southeast Softwash Trailer Build is a build that is for the serious pressure washer and someone who wants to make some serious money in this lucrative industry.

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