“Should I Buy a Hot Water Setup?”

We’ve all done it in our lives. As men we see the biggest baddest thing and our mind says automatically, “I need that.” On the flip side we realized in most cases, we didn’t need that. Three things that would deter me from going after one of these beasts are price, want vs. need, and reality.
Surely if you’re researching one of these units you’ve seen the price. Ranging from $4,000 and up you can get a decent setup. My thinking is if you’re gonna go with one, just go on up to at least an 8GPM. You’re throwing big money on it, why not get the one with the best flow. These units on the low end will cost you about $6,000. Next is the want/need factor. As stated above, they are awesome, they are loved, and do a great job. Do you need it stating out? NO! Anything that would ask for a hot water system can be cleaned with cold water and chemicals. Will it be as efficient, no. Yet I didn’t just throw my money at something I didn’t need in the onset of my company. Here comes the reality. I can’t tell you how many guys with hot water only rigs have come to us begging for a softwash system. Why, because they spent a heap of money on something they barely use. Once again, don’t get me wrong hot water units are great in their place. I would only suggest it to somebody who already has some commercial accounts that call for it. If the market calls for one jump on it. Don’t dump money into something you’ll barely use, when you could have put it into marketing or savings. HEED THE WARNING!!!!!